Velocity Park @ Cascade Mountain is the newest and most unique terrain park in the Midwest.  Velocity has teamed up with Cascade
Mountain to create a terrain park that rivals the others.  We here at Velocity wanted to bring in features that were fun, safe and unique
to help beginning park riders improve, but also bring in features that are large and challenging for advanced riders who simply cant find
nearby features that are to their skill set.  Its this thought process that sets out park apart from the rest.  Most features within Velocity
Park have been designed and built by Velocity!  We have taken rider feedback from all over to gather ideas of what the riders really
want instead of what a resort wants to purchase and pay for.  With the resort leaving the feature designs to us, were able to build an
area that riders really WANT to be in!

Each year Velocity will add new features to our park that will improve and challenge all levels of rider ability.  For the 2013/14 season
Velocity has built 6 new features that will be presented in Velocity Park.  
- 16ft FLAT Box - 12" Width
- 12ft UP Box - 24" Width
- 20ft Channel Box with Ride off/Ride On Side
- 22ft A-Frame - 24" Width
- 10ft Park Bench with Top 4" Rail
- 13ft Low Rise A-Frame - 24" Width

NEW FOR 2014/2015 SEASON:
- New Location of Velocity Park - A larger, steeper run
- Tow rope service specific to Velocity Park
- New "Welcome To Velocity Park" Sign
- Features to be announced!!!

Where to find Velocity Park...
Velocity Park is located on                                                 Velocity Park has moved! We now reside in a larger area!!! Find Velocity Park
Cascade Mountain                                                             where the "Roller" run used to be! Trees have been removed and a tow rope
W10441 Cascade Mountain Rd                                          installed all to better service our very own terrain park!!!
Portage, WI 53901

Dont want to make the short drive to Cascade Mountain?  Contact us to plan and purchase a Bus trip for you and up to 15 other friends.